Hard Work Pays!- Armika Tamang


Amrika Tamang,37, and her husband, 40, are always seen working in their vegetable farm, constructed in technical support of R&D Innovative Solutions Pvt. Ltd. They have leased three ropanies of land in Suryabinayak Municipality-4 and growing vegetables since 2016 traditionally, and used lots of pesticides. They have a family of six, for whom they work hard day and night.

In 2017, the couple came in contact with R&D Agricenter in Gundu, Bhaktapur, a company which provided complete technical solutions to those farmers interested in integrated vegetable farming under polyhouses. From the agricenter, they received technical support for constructing polyhouses in their land, received series of training in soil management and treatment, crop calendar designing, crop harvesting, organic manure preparation, crop management and started growing high value vegetable under the polyhouses. Starting with two polyhouses, they have now five polyhouses, with a plan to add some more in coming years.

In the initial days, she was confused about the techniques taught by agri-center for organic farming and was not satisfied about commercial success of organic vegetables farming. But after the result she achieved in first six months, she was convinced on successful production of organic products. Currently, the couple is earning around 70,000 from two poly houses and is expected to grow with addition of poyhouses to their list. The couple is happy about their success and agree that hard work pays in Nepal itself, without the need to go abroad to earn money.