“I am the Finance Minister of my family”- Pibala Oli-


“My husband earns Rs 700 per day while I earn Rs 950 by selling just one kg of onion seeds. In a year, I sell seeds worth 1.5 lakhs rupees, but we are unable to estimate my husband’s exact annual income,” says Pibala Oli, from Kereni in Surkhet District.

Pibala’s husband is a mason while she produces onion seeds. Pibala as a woman farmer has been managing all household expenditures and finances and decides where and how to spend the money. “My husband and I discuss about expenditures, but he never disallows me to do something that I want to, which is why I consider myself the Finance Minister of this house,” happily shares Pibala.

Pibala’s residence is near the jungle which is almost 3 hours away from the closest market in Mehelkuna. The woman farmer has planted onions in 0.1 hectare of land and other vegetables in the remaining area. In one season, Pibala sells 70 kg of onion seeds at NPR 1000 per kg. This year, she has made a contract with Pavitra Cooperative to sell onions at NPR 950 per kg.

Three years ago when the Pavitra Cooperative motivated people to start onion seeds farming, Pibala along with 20 other farmers excitedly jumped on board. This helped in uplifting the living standard of the participating farmers. However, the active farmer stands out among the rest as she produces the highest amount of seeds and has also become the highest earning entrepreneur in the village.

Moreover, she has become almost a technician herself as she knows all the details of onion seed farming. She has also been actively involved in leading other activities like initiating, establishing and managing an irrigation system in her community.