“My life has changed for good”- Chandra Gurung- Chairperson, Pavitra Janakalyan Cooperative, Surkhet, Nepal


“Few years back, I never imagined myself coming upfront and talking with people as I lacked confidence in speaking in front of the people. Facing the crowd and uttering a word was beyond my imagination. Let alone the idea of earning money and using it at my will to run my households.”

As I got closer to Pavitra Janakalyan Cooperative, I understood what the cooperative it was doing and how it was working. With great enthusiasm, I became the member of Pavitra Janakalyan Cooperative. Gradually, my association with farmers group, cooperative and different networks increased and I started speaking in those groups.

Meanwhile, Pavitra encouraged me for seed farming and provided regular technical knowledge on seed production. More importantly, Pavitra provided NPR 15,000 as loan for seed farming without any collateral. After getting that money, I started seed farming at small scale. I also became the active member of women farmers group. I started seed farming with that money. Now, I earn average NPR 30,000-40,000 in a year from 0.05-hectare land by farming winter and summer season seeds. With the seed income, I supported my son in opening a pharmacy. When I had regular income, I could attempt to send other two children to good school and college. One of my children is soon becoming Health Care Assistant and other is studying Medical Lab Technician.

Five years down the line, I have become a different person, an empowered, independent and confident woman who earns her own income and likes to openly talk to people. I feel proud to have become the first lady chairperson of the cooperative. I have been managing the seed cooperative, having 1000 shareholders, loan portfolio of NPR 7 million and annual transaction of over 12 million. My life has changed for good, my children have become educated and I don’t have to worry about household expenses.”